Tuesday, July 26, 2011

E.L.F 32 Eyeshadow Pallet Review

Today I went to my local Target and saw they had a section of E.L.F products which I was SUPER excited about! Ive been wanting to try E.L.F for, FOREVER now and since I live in a smaller town it takes us longer to get things like this I guess. So seeing they had it, I just HAD to get something! If you dont know what E.L.F is its a drugstore makeup brand that is really high-end quality for SUPER cheap! And by that, I am NOT exaggerating! This 32 piece eyeshadow pallet I got was only $5.00! They also have bigger pallets and pieces for $10.00 being their most expensive product and single shadows and blushes being only $3.00 for their least expensive. Overall I am loving my E.L.F pallet and I cant wait to hopefully get more! (My mom got a lot more E.L.F than I did so I will be sneaking that to do a review on them! Hahahaha!) So, if youre interested in learning what E.L.F is about a little more...here is my full review!

This is the 32 eyeshadow pallet I got today and all its colors! As you can see it comes in a very nice range of colors making it easy for you to make any sort of look you want, whether it be smokey, natural or bright! Today I went for a bit more natural look using the three colors I have circled. Using the light pink as an all over the lid and the darker in the crease and the shimmery white at the top as a highlight. Oh, I also used the lighter pink for an inner corner highlight. I am loving these three colors, they bring out a natural radiance in me and an all over natural look, which I love!

These are the three colors I used swatched on my fingers. As you can see, the ring finger is the crease color, the middle is the all over lid color and the pointer is the brow bone highlight. These colors are so beautiful. If you love my look, have or want this pallet I reccoment using these as a complete look!

These are my absolute FAVORITE colors from this pallet as a whole. As you can see the eyeshadows in the pallet are very pigmented, I literally just dabbed my finger into the shadow, getting a really vibrant, pigmented color. My absolute favorite shadow from this pallet is the one on my pointer finger. It is glam and also has a lot of detail...I know thats a weird thing to say about an eyeshadow but if you look there are very chunky pieces of gold glitter which I LOVE! I am hoping to find a look that isnt too dramatic using this eyeshadow because Its one of my favorites.

This is my final eye look using those three colors. I really love it, very natural but at the same time it has some sparkle to it so it draws attention when it catches the light. 

I am loving this E.L.F pallet so far and I highly recommend not only this pallet to everyone, but all the other pallets from E.L.F. I hope this review was helpful!

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