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Yes, those are all my favorite lip products! Looks like a lot but I assure you, Ive used them all PLENTY of times and love them so much, so if youre a girl like me whos obsessed with lipstick, lipstain, chapstick and just any lip products in general THIS IS THE POST FOR YOU TO READ!!!!! So here it is...enjoy!

#11 & 10

 Wet 'n Wild lipsticks in 521A (right) and 508A (left) I love these lipsticks because the colors are so unique! One is such a dark red it almost looks brown which c'mon, NOBODY has that! And the other one is a BEAUTIFUL hot pink with amazing blue undertones! when the light catches this, people are bound to be starring! These are ten and eleven because the brand is very low end and do not stay on well unless you pat some off with a paper towel. The colors are what I love most.


This color is "True Red" by Revlon and I love it simply because...its a true red!!! I can wear this when I want to be classy or just when I want to be fun and go for a more unique look! You can never go wrong with a good red lipstick and I think every girl should own this shade! These Revlon lipsticks are VERY pigmented and stay on really well.

#8 & 7

The next two are lipstains from Revlon as well. Flame (left) is a beautiful coral color that I love to wear on summery days! It really looks great with a light shimmery eye and ugh, I JUST LOVE IT!!! This one was the first that I bought of the Revlon Just Bitten line. The other Frenzy (right) is a really pretty dark red/purple color that I love to wear in the winter! These lipstains stay on SO well! Just be sure to apply some lip balm or some of the lip balm on the ends of the stains because after awhile the color will become uneven and make your lips dry.

#6 & 5

These are some lipsticks from the CoverGirl Nature Luxe line and they are AMAZING! My friend got me the red one in the color Peony and its so amazing I immediately fell in love! I was always into red lipstick so this kind of glossy, dim red was so cool to me. Its not too bright or pigmented, but just so perfect. For sure best for those casual days when you just want a bit more color to your lips. The orange in Coral is my favorite though! It actually doesnt show up that orange, but more of a very light, shimmery pastel orange that is so beautiful for spring time! Love these so much!

#4 & 3

Up next is the CoverGirl Lip Perfection lipsticks, and they for sure live up to their name!!! I wear the one on the left ALL THE TIME its in the color Delish and its such a pretty nude, but its not too nude, there is a faint pink in there as well. I love it, very subtle compared to the one on the right which is for sure not as subtle! Its in the color Divine and its such a unique color. Ive never saw anything like  this before, its very much a mix between a hot pink and purple. Its so amazing on and they make your lips so soft and have an addicting smell as well.


This next one is so amazing, its the EOS lip balm in Strawberry Sorbet, I believe. I have a ton of these and they are great! Leave your lips so moisturized without making them too sticky and glossy, plus they smell good!


This one is my ABSOLUTE, ALL-TIME FAVORITE!!! Its Airy Fairy by Rimmel London, its so great, is a very pigmented, light pink with little sparkles in it. Its like, my lips....BUT BETTER! I am a complete fan of this stuff, it stays on so well, complements my skin tone, is very natural and smells SO good. If I could compare the smell, and almost the shade, its like the Viva La Gaga lipstick from MAC. I love this stuff, I really cant rave on about it enough!!

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