Saturday, April 27, 2013

This is Rimmel Londons new Lash Accelerator mascara/brow gel to help your lashes and brows grow! Now, if you may (or may not) know I am ALL about improving my brows, so when my friend recommended this to me, and said it WORKED I was on board. Ive been using this since yesterday, I know.....SUCH a long time! Hehe, and so far, I AM OBSESSED! Ive been applying it like crazy. Not only have I noticed a difference in just one day on my lashes, but Im not wearing mascara because it makes my natural lashes look amazing! I havent noticed any difference on my brows yet though...:/

This is the applicator and its basically a plastic twisty looking thing, haha. And then a little brush. Now I obvs. use the plastic part to apply the serum to my lashes and the brush for my brows, but I also use both for, well, both. I use the brush to run over the top of my lashes like I would an eyeliner and then use the plastic part to kind of groom my brows because to be honest, the brush doesnt have enough serum on it to put on my brows alone. 

So underneath are pictures on how to apply the ser

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

tokidoki Cromatico Eyeshadows!

I made a pretty huge Sephora order recently because I had a little over 500 points on my Beauty Insider account and wanted to cash in my points! I wanted something small and inexpensive originally but I ended up spending a little more than I bargained for! With these eyeshadow purchases I also ordered the Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh perfume which Ive been dying to have since summer and since it will be Spring soon enough I thought it was perfect timing. With this eyeshadow set I got SIX amazingly coloured eyeshadows. The colour selection and pigmentation on these are amazing and are valued at $99.00 originally but I got all of these for only $36.00 which is a steal!

(Left to right)
Samba and Diamante

Samba is a really beautiful champaign colour that is so velvety and soft! This will be great for inner corner or a wash over the lid! As for Diamante, it is a beautiful light pink with chunks of silver glitter, great to look at but I cringe at the fallout!

(Left to right)
Choco and Soya

Choco has to be one of my favourites! It is a great almond colour that will be great for everyday wear. Soya is a very unique colour, not a lot of folks can pull off bright green eyeshadow, but I feel like this will be great for days when you want to stand out, or even under the lower lash-line for a pop of colour which is very in for the spring/summertime!

(Left to right)
Killer Candy and Bruttino

These last two eyeshadows are something I definitely wouldnt buy as singular eyeshadows and thats why I thought it would be perfect to buy this set! Killer Candy is a very wearable bright purple as it has blue undertones which will draw anyones eyes to well, your eyes! Bruttino is a nice smooth looking blue that would go great with brown or blue eyes. I feel like if I ever grow a pair to wear this shade all over my lid, this could really bring the attention to my blue eyes!

Overall I think this eyeshadow set is a great deal! Not only for the money, but the quality of these eyeshadows. They are so pigmented and velvety, I would consider them the same feel of Urban Decay shadows. These six shadows come in the perfect aray of colours because there are many natural, wearable colours along with some bright ones you might not have tried otherwise. The only downside I have to these are the packaging, super cute but the colour on the outside is a sticker and they peel off instantly. Other than that little packaging quam I have no bickering about these eyeshadows and they are a great deal!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mila Kunis Tutorial


This is Rimmel Londons new Lash Accelerator mascara. My friend recommended this to me and when she said it worked, I was IN! This new mascara/serum is supposed to make your lashes and brows grow. I started using this product yesterday and I am already obsessed! I have noticed a difference in my lashes, but sadly, not yet my brows. So here is a post to fill you in more on the product and Im going to be keeping you updated on how it works for me!