Saturday, April 27, 2013

This is Rimmel Londons new Lash Accelerator mascara/brow gel to help your lashes and brows grow! Now, if you may (or may not) know I am ALL about improving my brows, so when my friend recommended this to me, and said it WORKED I was on board. Ive been using this since yesterday, I know.....SUCH a long time! Hehe, and so far, I AM OBSESSED! Ive been applying it like crazy. Not only have I noticed a difference in just one day on my lashes, but Im not wearing mascara because it makes my natural lashes look amazing! I havent noticed any difference on my brows yet though...:/

This is the applicator and its basically a plastic twisty looking thing, haha. And then a little brush. Now I obvs. use the plastic part to apply the serum to my lashes and the brush for my brows, but I also use both for, well, both. I use the brush to run over the top of my lashes like I would an eyeliner and then use the plastic part to kind of groom my brows because to be honest, the brush doesnt have enough serum on it to put on my brows alone. 

So underneath are pictures on how to apply the ser