Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mila Kunis Tutorial


This is Rimmel Londons new Lash Accelerator mascara. My friend recommended this to me and when she said it worked, I was IN! This new mascara/serum is supposed to make your lashes and brows grow. I started using this product yesterday and I am already obsessed! I have noticed a difference in my lashes, but sadly, not yet my brows. So here is a post to fill you in more on the product and Im going to be keeping you updated on how it works for me!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011


EYES: Covergirl Simply Ageless Primer, Urban Decay creme shadow in Whipped, Urban Decay Loose Eye Pigment in Bakes and in the crease I used a matte light brown. L'oreal Liner Intense liquid eyeliner.

LIPs: L'oreal Age Defying Lipstick in Berry Royale and Revlon Colorburst Lipglaze in Crystal Lilac.

Friday, August 5, 2011

SENIOR PICTURES!!! .....(some)


But I will be VERY soon, like later on tonight. BECAUSE my friends and I took a few hours of a road trip and they took some senior pictures for me. They are fabulous photographers and I was so happy for them to take them. Ive only saw a few and what I saw, I LOVED!!!!!!! Cant wait to show yall once their up.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Friday, July 29, 2011


Yes, those are all my favorite lip products! Looks like a lot but I assure you, Ive used them all PLENTY of times and love them so much, so if youre a girl like me whos obsessed with lipstick, lipstain, chapstick and just any lip products in general THIS IS THE POST FOR YOU TO READ!!!!! So here it is...enjoy!

#11 & 10

 Wet 'n Wild lipsticks in 521A (right) and 508A (left) I love these lipsticks because the colors are so unique! One is such a dark red it almost looks brown which c'mon, NOBODY has that! And the other one is a BEAUTIFUL hot pink with amazing blue undertones! when the light catches this, people are bound to be starring! These are ten and eleven because the brand is very low end and do not stay on well unless you pat some off with a paper towel. The colors are what I love most.


This color is "True Red" by Revlon and I love it simply because...its a true red!!! I can wear this when I want to be classy or just when I want to be fun and go for a more unique look! You can never go wrong with a good red lipstick and I think every girl should own this shade! These Revlon lipsticks are VERY pigmented and stay on really well.

#8 & 7

The next two are lipstains from Revlon as well. Flame (left) is a beautiful coral color that I love to wear on summery days! It really looks great with a light shimmery eye and ugh, I JUST LOVE IT!!! This one was the first that I bought of the Revlon Just Bitten line. The other Frenzy (right) is a really pretty dark red/purple color that I love to wear in the winter! These lipstains stay on SO well! Just be sure to apply some lip balm or some of the lip balm on the ends of the stains because after awhile the color will become uneven and make your lips dry.

#6 & 5

These are some lipsticks from the CoverGirl Nature Luxe line and they are AMAZING! My friend got me the red one in the color Peony and its so amazing I immediately fell in love! I was always into red lipstick so this kind of glossy, dim red was so cool to me. Its not too bright or pigmented, but just so perfect. For sure best for those casual days when you just want a bit more color to your lips. The orange in Coral is my favorite though! It actually doesnt show up that orange, but more of a very light, shimmery pastel orange that is so beautiful for spring time! Love these so much!

#4 & 3

Up next is the CoverGirl Lip Perfection lipsticks, and they for sure live up to their name!!! I wear the one on the left ALL THE TIME its in the color Delish and its such a pretty nude, but its not too nude, there is a faint pink in there as well. I love it, very subtle compared to the one on the right which is for sure not as subtle! Its in the color Divine and its such a unique color. Ive never saw anything like  this before, its very much a mix between a hot pink and purple. Its so amazing on and they make your lips so soft and have an addicting smell as well.


This next one is so amazing, its the EOS lip balm in Strawberry Sorbet, I believe. I have a ton of these and they are great! Leave your lips so moisturized without making them too sticky and glossy, plus they smell good!


This one is my ABSOLUTE, ALL-TIME FAVORITE!!! Its Airy Fairy by Rimmel London, its so great, is a very pigmented, light pink with little sparkles in it. Its like, my lips....BUT BETTER! I am a complete fan of this stuff, it stays on so well, complements my skin tone, is very natural and smells SO good. If I could compare the smell, and almost the shade, its like the Viva La Gaga lipstick from MAC. I love this stuff, I really cant rave on about it enough!!

Amy Winehouse Inspired Makeup Tutorial, A Tribute.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


I am so excited! My first shipment of Sephora came in the mail today and I bought two different brands and four different items. The first two came in a sample Benefit kit and the other two are Sephora brand items. Everything I got here was on sale, if you didnt know Sephora is having AMAZING sales right now so if you can, please check them out!

My first purchased product was from the Sephora brand and its the "Tricks of the Trade" Mineral Touch Up Powder and I believe it only comes in one color. This is a great product! You can not only use it to carry in your purse for touch ups but you can apply it for daily use and get great coverge. Today I only used this and I got a great natural look and you cant see any signs of discoloration on my face! I absolutely love it. You get a really great flawless matte look and I am loving this. Once again I got this at Sephora for only $9.00!


This next product is also the Sephora brand and its the Blush Me! Mono blush in Peache Tendre 4. This is a really light weight blush and the light color of it adds a really pretty wash of color to your face. I love this so much! Its not one of those blushes that is super pigmented as to where when you get it onto your brush and apply it to your face there is too much color on your face. The perfect amount of color is transmitted and I can honestly say its my new favorite!
I got this at Sephora for only $12.00!

Next I have just swatched both of these products on the back of my hand for you to see. The green arrow is the Sephora blush and the orange is the Sephora mineral powder. As you can see the mineral powder is very sheer looking and blends so well into my skin you cant even tell its there! It adds a nice shimmer as well which I love. The blush as I said before adds such a beautiful wash of color.


Last is my Benefit Erase Paste concealer and Stay Dont Stray primer. I love these items, I initially thought the Erase Paste was too orange and dark for my skin tone and was a little iffy but I applied this over my Sephora mineral powder under my eyes and in the inner corners and it blended in so well! I almost can even believe it, it covered all discoloration and yet gave my skins such a beautiful glow, thats why i added it in my inner corners as a highlight. I love this product so much and even though its in a small container I honestly think it will last such a long time because you really dont need much at all! Next thing is the Stay Dont Stray eyeshadow concealer and I love this! I thought I needed more of this than I did as well and you DO NOT need a lot at all! This has such great coverage and I can tell my eyemakeup isnt going ANYWHERE with this on! I love it so much and I think I as well will be repurchasing myself one of these. All together normally these would have costed me $35.00.
But I got them for only $10.00 at Sephora!!!

This last thing is just the two Benefit products swatched on my hand. The blue arrow is the Stay Dont Stray primer and the purple is the Erase Paste concealer. You can see the Erase Paste does have that natural glow to it which is my favorite and the primer does look a little cakey but dont worry. I didnt blend it in all the way because I wanted you to see what it looks like, once it is blended in properly you cant even tell its there!

There is my full product review, I really hope you take this into consideration because these products are seriously amazing!!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Effy Stonem Makeup Tutorial

Today I did my own version of the Effy Stonem "Woods" look. I was so excited because as you may or may not know, I LOVE Skins and Effy is my absolute favorite!!! I obviously couldnt do this look exactly because its so flawless but I tried my best, so if you would like to learn this look or just see how I did my version, here it is....

First off I concealed all blemishes using the yellow concealer (any blemishes, under the nose and the chin), the green concealer under my eyes for my dark circles, and then the dark tan on my eyelids. I then put my Revlon age defying creme foundation on and then used my Maybelline Fit Me pressed powder in 210 (I forgot to include in picture) over that to create a matte look, I then used my Hard Candy Hide and Glow Duo Cheek Tint in the lightest color because Effy has a very flushed look in this picture. I used this mostly on the hollows of my cheeks but also added some of this color on the apples.

I then used this light shimmery white all over my lid from the Maybelline Eye Studio quad pallet in Sunset Seduction and then used this light brown color at the bottom of my ELF pallet in the crease to create Effys signature look but not make it too dramatic as you can see hers isnt as well. I then used the white in the ELF powder to just kind of dust over the dark brown to make it less dramatic. Then I liked half of under my bottom lashes with this matte black and then used my ULTA glitter pencil liner in "teale" to line my water line and under my eye. I then used my L'oral voluminous million lashes mascara on both the top and bottom. 

NOW, lets compare Effys look to mine!

So there is my final look! I really love it, its not too dramatic where if  you wanted you could wear this on an everyday basis or just out and about but you could also wear it in the evening. Its really great and I hope this was helpful to you all!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My new "Haul-Review" YouTube Video!!!!

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E.L.F 32 Eyeshadow Pallet Review

Today I went to my local Target and saw they had a section of E.L.F products which I was SUPER excited about! Ive been wanting to try E.L.F for, FOREVER now and since I live in a smaller town it takes us longer to get things like this I guess. So seeing they had it, I just HAD to get something! If you dont know what E.L.F is its a drugstore makeup brand that is really high-end quality for SUPER cheap! And by that, I am NOT exaggerating! This 32 piece eyeshadow pallet I got was only $5.00! They also have bigger pallets and pieces for $10.00 being their most expensive product and single shadows and blushes being only $3.00 for their least expensive. Overall I am loving my E.L.F pallet and I cant wait to hopefully get more! (My mom got a lot more E.L.F than I did so I will be sneaking that to do a review on them! Hahahaha!) So, if youre interested in learning what E.L.F is about a little is my full review!

This is the 32 eyeshadow pallet I got today and all its colors! As you can see it comes in a very nice range of colors making it easy for you to make any sort of look you want, whether it be smokey, natural or bright! Today I went for a bit more natural look using the three colors I have circled. Using the light pink as an all over the lid and the darker in the crease and the shimmery white at the top as a highlight. Oh, I also used the lighter pink for an inner corner highlight. I am loving these three colors, they bring out a natural radiance in me and an all over natural look, which I love!

These are the three colors I used swatched on my fingers. As you can see, the ring finger is the crease color, the middle is the all over lid color and the pointer is the brow bone highlight. These colors are so beautiful. If you love my look, have or want this pallet I reccoment using these as a complete look!

These are my absolute FAVORITE colors from this pallet as a whole. As you can see the eyeshadows in the pallet are very pigmented, I literally just dabbed my finger into the shadow, getting a really vibrant, pigmented color. My absolute favorite shadow from this pallet is the one on my pointer finger. It is glam and also has a lot of detail...I know thats a weird thing to say about an eyeshadow but if you look there are very chunky pieces of gold glitter which I LOVE! I am hoping to find a look that isnt too dramatic using this eyeshadow because Its one of my favorites.

This is my final eye look using those three colors. I really love it, very natural but at the same time it has some sparkle to it so it draws attention when it catches the light. 

I am loving this E.L.F pallet so far and I highly recommend not only this pallet to everyone, but all the other pallets from E.L.F. I hope this review was helpful!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

COMING UP! Cropped Fringe Top Tutorial!


I had just dont this braid and I love it! Let me know if you love it too and if you want to see a tutorial!

Favorite Makeup Brands. Drugstore AND High-end!

So I though I would take this time to just share my favorite makeup brands with both drugstore and high-end. they are!





So yeah, there they are. I hope yall enjoy, share some of your favorite brands with me as well!


This is the new Revlon Age Defying cream foundation with DNA advantage. I absolutely LOVE this foundation. Ive never been into liquid foundations or anything of that type. More of either a natural, pressed powder or tinted moisturizer girl. But lately Ive been looking for a really good foundation and my mom bought this a week or so ago and didnt like it because the color was too light for her. Well, being the fair skinned person I am and I was looking for a new foundation she gave it to me and I just tried it today and LOVE it! It leaves your skin not too matte, but gives you a nice, natural glow. Honestly, my face is so soft after using this and I dont feel like its too heavy. I get amazing coverage with this and dont find myself needing to use a lot of concealer while applying this. Overall I give this foundation a 8 out of 10. I am VERY pleased and I will be re-purchasing.

BUT-I still want to try the CoverGirl Nature Luxe foundation, I heard it works pretty well, have you guys tried it? Let me know what you think of it.

Smokey Purple Eye!


-Rimmel London Lasting Finish lipstick in “Airy Fairy”
-Hard Candy Hide & Glow Cheek Duo Tint in “Pillow Talk”
-Hard Candy Nobodys Perfect Concealer Palette (used green, yellow and middle shade on bottom.)
-Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder in “Sandy Beige” or “210”
-Covergirl Bronzer as a contour
-Urban Decay Potion Primer in Original
-NYC Brush-On Browser Kit in “Brunette”


-Covergirl Eyeshadow Quad in “Ice Princess”
-Maybelline Eye Studio gel liner in “Brown”
-L’oreal Voluminous Million Lashes mascara
-Body Shop eyeshadow (the label is worn off, cant recognize color but its a matte light purple.)

Photos That Inspired Me:


Hello all!

Today I woke up fairly late and went grocery shopping! I love doing that, I also went to Wal-Mart to browse and I got a few new brushes. Im not sure of the brand but if you go to there and look, they are very cheap! Like, two dollars for a brush and they are really good quality. Very soft and you get great coverage with them. So, I would suggest getting them if you see them there. Im still waiting for my makeup to come in, even though I ordered it on Saturday, it will probably be in by Friday. Ugh, I just cant wait.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


This is my new blog! I am very new to this so my blog isnt as high tech as I was originally hoping. But yeah, I have a beauty YouTube channel where I post makeup tutorials, outfit of the days, hauls, reviews and more! I have a wide variety of things I enjoy so please follow me on here and I hope I can be help to you at some point in time!