Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Effy Stonem Makeup Tutorial

Today I did my own version of the Effy Stonem "Woods" look. I was so excited because as you may or may not know, I LOVE Skins and Effy is my absolute favorite!!! I obviously couldnt do this look exactly because its so flawless but I tried my best, so if you would like to learn this look or just see how I did my version, here it is....

First off I concealed all blemishes using the yellow concealer (any blemishes, under the nose and the chin), the green concealer under my eyes for my dark circles, and then the dark tan on my eyelids. I then put my Revlon age defying creme foundation on and then used my Maybelline Fit Me pressed powder in 210 (I forgot to include in picture) over that to create a matte look, I then used my Hard Candy Hide and Glow Duo Cheek Tint in the lightest color because Effy has a very flushed look in this picture. I used this mostly on the hollows of my cheeks but also added some of this color on the apples.

I then used this light shimmery white all over my lid from the Maybelline Eye Studio quad pallet in Sunset Seduction and then used this light brown color at the bottom of my ELF pallet in the crease to create Effys signature look but not make it too dramatic as you can see hers isnt as well. I then used the white in the ELF powder to just kind of dust over the dark brown to make it less dramatic. Then I liked half of under my bottom lashes with this matte black and then used my ULTA glitter pencil liner in "teale" to line my water line and under my eye. I then used my L'oral voluminous million lashes mascara on both the top and bottom. 

NOW, lets compare Effys look to mine!

So there is my final look! I really love it, its not too dramatic where if  you wanted you could wear this on an everyday basis or just out and about but you could also wear it in the evening. Its really great and I hope this was helpful to you all!


  1. your eyes are so beautiful. just like effy's. even your eyebrows are the same. how do you do that?

  2. Wow, I love this, you look amazing, just like her!! I just finished Skins Season 3, and found your blog after wanting to try Effy's eye makeup :) This is a great tutorial, just wondering what brush you used for the eyeshadow? I really want to try this :)

    I had a look at more recent posts you've done, I think I could really learn a lot from you :) Sooooo... I'm your newest follower on GFC, can't wait to see more from you!