Thursday, July 28, 2011


I am so excited! My first shipment of Sephora came in the mail today and I bought two different brands and four different items. The first two came in a sample Benefit kit and the other two are Sephora brand items. Everything I got here was on sale, if you didnt know Sephora is having AMAZING sales right now so if you can, please check them out!

My first purchased product was from the Sephora brand and its the "Tricks of the Trade" Mineral Touch Up Powder and I believe it only comes in one color. This is a great product! You can not only use it to carry in your purse for touch ups but you can apply it for daily use and get great coverge. Today I only used this and I got a great natural look and you cant see any signs of discoloration on my face! I absolutely love it. You get a really great flawless matte look and I am loving this. Once again I got this at Sephora for only $9.00!


This next product is also the Sephora brand and its the Blush Me! Mono blush in Peache Tendre 4. This is a really light weight blush and the light color of it adds a really pretty wash of color to your face. I love this so much! Its not one of those blushes that is super pigmented as to where when you get it onto your brush and apply it to your face there is too much color on your face. The perfect amount of color is transmitted and I can honestly say its my new favorite!
I got this at Sephora for only $12.00!

Next I have just swatched both of these products on the back of my hand for you to see. The green arrow is the Sephora blush and the orange is the Sephora mineral powder. As you can see the mineral powder is very sheer looking and blends so well into my skin you cant even tell its there! It adds a nice shimmer as well which I love. The blush as I said before adds such a beautiful wash of color.


Last is my Benefit Erase Paste concealer and Stay Dont Stray primer. I love these items, I initially thought the Erase Paste was too orange and dark for my skin tone and was a little iffy but I applied this over my Sephora mineral powder under my eyes and in the inner corners and it blended in so well! I almost can even believe it, it covered all discoloration and yet gave my skins such a beautiful glow, thats why i added it in my inner corners as a highlight. I love this product so much and even though its in a small container I honestly think it will last such a long time because you really dont need much at all! Next thing is the Stay Dont Stray eyeshadow concealer and I love this! I thought I needed more of this than I did as well and you DO NOT need a lot at all! This has such great coverage and I can tell my eyemakeup isnt going ANYWHERE with this on! I love it so much and I think I as well will be repurchasing myself one of these. All together normally these would have costed me $35.00.
But I got them for only $10.00 at Sephora!!!

This last thing is just the two Benefit products swatched on my hand. The blue arrow is the Stay Dont Stray primer and the purple is the Erase Paste concealer. You can see the Erase Paste does have that natural glow to it which is my favorite and the primer does look a little cakey but dont worry. I didnt blend it in all the way because I wanted you to see what it looks like, once it is blended in properly you cant even tell its there!

There is my full product review, I really hope you take this into consideration because these products are seriously amazing!!!!

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